Jackie Smith

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was Jacqueline Smith murdered by the Long Island Serial Killer in 1999?

On June 20, 2000 the torso of a female in plastic bags wrapped with tape was recovered at Beach 88th Street in Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY. The female torso was listed in the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System as NamUS #6058. In 2018 NamUS #6058 was quietly removed. The victim was identified as 16 year old Jacqueline Ashley Smith. Smith was reported missing from the 67 Precinct in East Flatbush, Brooklyn on August 12, 1999, ten months before her torso was discovered in Rockaway Beach. In November 2000, five months after Jackie Smith’s torso was found, Long Island Serial Killer victim Valerie Mack’s torso was discovered in Manorville, NY along with the remains of a still unidentified male strangulation victim found nearby.
The torso of Andre Jamal Isaac (“Sugar Bear”), wrapped in plastic bags, was recovered in the weeds at Beach 63rd st in Rockaway Beach on December 17, 2002. Andre’s torso was found approximately one mile from where Jacqueline Smith’s torso had been discovered two years earlier. His skull was recovered in a frozen pond in Moriches in Suffolk County on January 25, 2003 and his limbs were discovered in a wooded area near the Forge River on April 10, 2004. In 2020, Andre Isaac “accidentally” appeared on the Suffolk County Police Department’s Gilgo News website, validating a long held suspicion that Andre Isaac was in fact a victim of the Long Island Serial Killer. Andre Isaac was last seen leaving his apartment in East New York, Brooklyn after getting into a red BMW-like sports car with his “secret friend”

August 12, 1999 Jacqueline Smith Missing Brooklyn, NY

In 2008, posters on the Porchlight USA missing persons forum were ordered to discontinue any discussion of Jacqueline Smith and remove any posters that were in public view. Why, if Jacqueline wasn’t identified until 2018?

Eve Brown disappeared in July 1999, one month before Jacqueline Smith. Eve Brown lived on Long Island, worked in Rockaway and was found dismembered in plastic bags on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn. Her car was recovered in East Flatbush, the same section of Brooklyn where Jackie Smith was reported missing

June 20 2000 Jacqueline Smith Murder Torso Discovered Rockaway Beach, NY

There is a discrepancy in reports of where exactly Jackie Smith’s torso was discovered. The NAMUS listings gave the exact location as on the bay side beach at Beach 88th Street. The NYPD homicide flyer obtained by Murder Inc. gives the location slightly more inland at Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 88th Street. Jacqueline Smith’s unidentified torso remained in NamUS until 2018. According to NamUS her head, limbs and hands were not recovered

The NYPD sent out a tweet in 2019 with limited information about Jacqueline Smith’s murder. This appears to be the only public acknowledgement that the torso found in Rockaway Beach on June 20, 2000 was identified as Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Smith’s torso was found approximately 1 mile away from where Sugar Bear’s torso was found two years later

November 2002 Andre Jamal Isaac “Sugar Bear” Missing East New York, Brooklyn

Andre Isaac disappeared from East New York after being seen getting into a red BMW with his “secret friend”
secret friend.JPG
Andre Isaac lived on De Sales Place in Brooklyn. Long Island Serial Killer victim Jessica Taylor’s pimp Khalil White shows a previous address on De Sales Place two blocks from where Andre lived. It also appears that Khalil White’s and Andre Isaac’s relatives know each other

A woman who appears to be a relative of Khalil White seems to know a man who appears to be Andre Isaac’s father

December 17 2002 Andre Jamal Isaac “Sugar Bear” Torso Rockaway Beach, NY
Andre Jamal Isaac, who met a grisly end in 2002.
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 3.43.45 PM

The transvestite's torso was found on Beach 63 Street near the boardwalk on December 17, 2002. Police searched the entire area looking for clues or the remainder of the body, but came up empty.
Andre Isaac’s torso was discovered at Rockaway Beach near the dumpsite of several other unsolved dismemberment murders

January 26 2003 Andre Jamal Isaac’s Skull Recovered Moriches, NYIn January of 2004, police officials came up with an artist's rendition of the dead man.
1/26/03 LISK -

April 10 2004 Andre Isaac’s Arms & Legs Recovered Moriches, NY
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 7.29.20 PM

PIX11’s Mary Murphy covered the murder of Andre Isaac and the connection to the Long Island Serial Killer case in a July 2020 investigative report

Does the Long Island Serial Killer’s dumping ground along the barrier islands extend from Rockaway Beach to Ocean Parkway?

2 thoughts on “Jackie Smith

  1. Jackie Smith was my best friend, she went missing and we searched for her for years..She was such an amazing girl, I loved her so much..She was always there for me..I never thought something like this happens to someone so close to me…I love you Jackie, I’m so sorry I didn’t know…
    As to the monster who killed my best friend and all these other people, I HOPE THAT YOU ROT IN HELL, YOU WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO GOD AND HE WON’T FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS..

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