Shotgun Slayer

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Were two special policemen murdered by the Zodiac in San Francisco in 1966?

Shortly after 9:30 pm on July 31, 1966, two special policemen for the Parkmerced residential complex in San Francisco responded to a call of a prowler in the parking garage. After arriving in two separate patrol cars, Carl Fields and Jacob Remsing were both shot to death by the prowler with a shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot. A 16 year old witness spotted a 1965 green Ford Mustang leaving the scene of the slaying. The Mustang had been stolen from John Shields of 21 Diaz Avenue sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 pm about two blocks from the murder. The car was later found abandoned one block from the site of the 1963 unsolved murder of cab driver Samuel Bergman, another possible early Zodiac murder first featured on Murder Inc.
Deck logs from the USS Canberra (docked in San Diego) on July 26, 1966 list Joseph DeAngelo as AWOL since July 22. On July 24, 17 year old Janice Sorem was strangled to death in her car in a Granada Hills parking lot. One week later on July 31, Fields and Remsing were murdered in San Francisco. The San Francisco Police Department at first claimed the killer was an auto stripper or a car booster, but later theorized the murder may have been an assassination because it would be unusual for a prowler to be armed with a shotgun. Where was Joseph DeAngelo on July 31, 1966, the night of the murder in Parkmerced? Was the killing of Remsing and Fields an early murder of an AWOL (or recently AWOL) sailor who would later go on to become The Zodiac?

June 8 1966 Joseph DeAngelo USS Canberra San Diego, CA

June 16 1966 Auburn Burglar Auburn, CA

June 24 1966 Sacramento Intruder Sacramento, CA
june 24 66.JPG
July 1 1966 Masked Rapist Sacramento, CA
July 1 1966 Auburn Rapist Auburn, CA

Joseph DeAngelo lived in Auburn on his family’s ranch in 1966

July 6 1966 Roseville Cat Burglar Roseville, CA

July 14 1966 Sacramento Prowler Attack Sacramento, CA

July 17 1964 Night Intruder Rapist Sacramento, CA
july 17 66 Sac Rapist.JPG
July 22 1966 Joseph DeAngelo AWOL USS Canberra San Diego, CA

July 24 1966 Janice Sorem Murder Granada Hills, CA
sorem -

Janice Sorem was murdered 5 miles from Joseph DeAngelo’s childhood home

July 31 1966 Jacob Remsing & Carl Fields Murder San Francisco, CA

In the 1960s Parkmerced apartments were a residential community owned by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

The stolen 1965 green Ford Mustang used in the murder was found abandoned one block from the site of the unsolved murder of cabbie Samuel Bergman in 1963

April 20 1970 Zodiac Letter “There is more glory in killing a cop than a cid” San Francisco, CA

October 7 1978 East Area Rapist Special Officer Badge Recovered Concord, CA


Sherman Acres Cat Burglar

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Were Elaine Davis, Leona Roberts, Cosette Ellison and Patricia King murdered by the Sherman Acres Cat Burglar?

Around 1968 to 1970 a cat burglar was prowling the Sherman Acres section of Pleasant Hill in Contra Costa County. The Sherman Acres Cat Burglar would prowl through homes rifling wallets and purses while the victims slept. He was described as 17-18 years old and six feet tall. He is said to have stood over beds and watched children sleep. The cat burglar was chased by the police out of one home and leapt over a six foot fence in the backyard to escape.

Joseph DeAngelo’s relatives lived nearby in Concord [source: 12-26-75 Unsolved Map]

On December 1 1969, 17 year old Pleasant Hill High School student Elaine Davis was kidnapped from her home in Walnut Creek. Elaine and her mother returned home at 10 pm and then her mother left at 10:30 pm to pick up her father from a Concord service station where he worked. When her mother and father returned home at 11:15 pm, Elaine Davis was missing. Her glasses and purse were left in the house and her three year old sister was still asleep in the bed.
The family phone had recently been disconnected because they’d been receiving obscene phone calls. Her brother Eugene Davis was a police science student as Sacramento State University. At the time, Joe DeAngelo was studying police science at Sierra College and would begin attending Sac State to study police science in September 1970.
A few days after her disappearance Elaine’s shoe was found off the highway in Alamo and her peacoat was discovered in Scotts Valley between San Jose and Santa Cruz. On December 18 1969 police organized a search of Scotts Valley, but nothing was found. The next day Elaine Davis’ body was discovered floating off Lighthouse Point in Santa Cruz but police foolishly concluded it couldn’t be her and the mistake wasn’t corrected until 2001.
Ten days after Elaine Davis disappeared from her home in Walnut Creek, 16 year old Leona Roberts was kidnapped from her boyfriend’s apartment in Rodeo, CA. She disappeared between 6 and 7 pm while cooking dinner. When her boyfriend arrived home, he found the Christmas tree in the apartment knocked over. A neighbor said she heard a scream around the time Leona disappeared. Ten minutes after the scream she heard Leona’s boyfriend’s apartment door slam and then saw a blue station wagon driving away. Another neighbor saw a man standing around the station wagon. He was described as approximately 25 years old, 5’8 with short blonde hair and wearing brown pants and a brown jacket. Leona Roberts had taken a job at a discount store in Pleasant Hill on the same day she disappeared.
Her body was found on December 28 1969 over 20 miles away in the Bolinas Lagoon north of San Francisco. She had marks on her wrists and ankles indicating she had been bound and despite the fact she was obviously murdered police idiotically concluded she died due a “viral infection from an unknown species”. Just like Elaine Davis had been ten days earlier, Leona Roberts was kidnapped from a residence in Contra Costa County but her killer had driven out to the coast to dump her body.
On January 4 1970, an 18 year old woman named Peggy Trainer living in the apartment directly behind Leona Roberts’ boyfriend received a threatening phone call from a man claiming to be the Zodiac. The man told Peggy he was the Zodiac and she would be his next victim.
On March 3 1970 Cosette Ellison disappeared from her home in Moraga. She was last seen getting off the school bus in front of her house. Her body was found on January 1 1971 in a ravine in the foothills of Mount Diablo.
Two days after the disappearance of Cosette Ellison, on March 5 1970, 20 year old coed Patricia King was murdered at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill. She was found nude from the waist down and strangled with a pair of black tights near the football field. Patricia King lived in Pleasant Hill, a few blocks from the area prowled by the Sherman Acres Cat Burglar. Was Patricia King stalked to her college by the cat burglar and murdered?
Another two days passed and Judith Hakari was kidnapped on March 7 1970 outside her apartment in Sacramento. Torn strips of towel, just like the East Area Rapist used to bind victims, were found in her automobile. She was murdered and would later be found on April 25 1970 partially buried in Weimar, just north of Auburn where Joseph DeAngelo was living.
On March 12 1970, 17 year old Sonoma State College student Eva Blau disappeared from Rohnert Park. She was found murdered the next day, March 13, in a field in Santa Rosa. Her skirt and underwear were pulled down below the knees and a coat was placed on top of her body. She had marks on her wrists indicating she was bound with her hands in front of her. Police brilliantly concluded she died of a peyote “overdose”.
That night at 2:00 am, on March 14 1970, Marie Antoinette Anstey disappeared from Vallejo, CA. She was found murdered near Clearlake, CA on March 21 1970. Her body was nude and she’d suffered a blow to the back of the head. Her car was later found abandoned in a Vallejo animal shelter parking lot.
On April 10 1970 Barbara Keenan was murdered in her home in Orinda. She was found in the kitchen by her 14 year old daughter. Barbara Keenan had been shot to death with a .22 caliber weapon and had the cord of an electric iron wrapped around her neck. The murders of Elaine Davis, Leona Roberts, Cosette Ellison, Patricia King, Judith Hakari, Eva Blau, Toni Anstey and Barbara Keenan all remain unsolved by police.

January 9 1968 Bandaged Rapist Concord, CA

February 18 1968 Sherman Acres Cat Burglar Pleasant Hill, CA

March 5 1968 Sherman Acres Cat Burglar Pleasant Hill, CA

May 8 1968 Pleasant Hill Burglar Pleasant Hill, CA

1969 Sherman Acres Cat Burglar Sherman Drive Pleasant Hill, CA

Joseph DeAngelo 1969

February 14 1969 Towel Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

April 4 1969 Concord Rapist Concord, CA

November 21 1969 Zodiac San Jose Cryptogram San Jose, CA

December 1 1969 Elaine Davis Missing Walnut Creek, CA

Elaine Davis was kidnapped from her home Pioneer Ave in Walnut Creek, CA

December 3 1969 Elaine Davis Coat Found Scott’s Valley, CA

December 10 1969 Zodiac Letter Sacramento Bee Sacramento, CA

December 10 1969 Leona Roberts Murder Missing Rodeo, CA

On the day she disappeared Leona Roberts worked at the White Front store at 560 Contra Costa Boulevard, Pleasant Hill, CA

Leona Roberts was kidnapped from her boyfriends apartment in Rodeo, CA

December 16 1969 Exeter Prowler Exeter, CA [Source:]

On hearing children crying, Mother goes to their bedroom to see a “heavy set man” enter the darkened room by climbing through the window, then screams. That commotion awakens Billy Joe who fires a shotgun, but strikes the window and suspect escapes on foot. TCSO are investigating and EPD assist.

December 18 1969 Elaine Davis Search Scotts Valley, CA

December 19 1969 Zodiac Phone Call San Jose, CA

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 6.10.49 PM.png
December 20 1969 Zodiac Melvin Belli Letter San Francisco, CA

December 20 1969 Elaine Davis Murder Body Found Santa Cruz, CA

Elaine Davis’ body was found in Santa Cruz but police erroneously concluded the body found wasn’t her at the time. It took decades for cops to correct their mistake

January 4 1970 Zodiac Phone Call Rodeo, CA

The neighbor of Leona Robert’s boyfriend (whose apartment she was kidnapped from) received a call by someone claiming to be the Zodiac

January 25 1970 Pleasant Hill Rapist Pleasant Hill, CA

March 3 1970 Cosette Ellison Murder Moraga, CA

Composite of a man seen with Cosette Ellison

March 5 1970 Patricia King Murder Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill, CA

Patricia King lived in the area targeted by the Sherman Acres Cat Burglar

Patricia King was found murdered at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill

March 7 1970 Judith Hakari Murder Missing Sacramento, CA


Judith Hakari disappeared from Markston Road in Sacramento near where Nancy Bennallack would be murdered in October 1970 and near the area where the Wyda Way Prowler was prowling in 1960
March 7 1970 San Ramon Kidnap Rapist San Ramon, CA

March 12 1970 Eva Blau Missing Sonoma State College Rohnert Park, CA

Eva Blau lived near future Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murder victim Jeannette Kamahele

March 13 1970 Eva Blau Murder Santa Rosa, CA

March 14 1970 Marie Antoinette Anstey Missing Vallejo, CA

March 21 1970 Marie Antoinette Anstey Murder Clear Lake, CA


March 23 1970 Marie Antoinette Anstey Car Found Vallejo, CA

April 10 1970 Barbara Keenan Murder Orinda, CA

April 20 1970 Zodiac My Name Is Letter San Francisco Chronicle

April 25 1970 Judith Hakari Murder Weimar, CA


Judith Hakari’s body was found in a shallow grave in Weimar just north of Auburn where Joseph DeAngelo lived

May 8 1970 Letter to the Editor Martinez, CA

May 13 1970 Concord Rapist Concord, CA

October 12 1970 Zodiac Letter Edward Adams Orinda, CA

Edward Adams lived near the site of the recent unsolved murder of Barbara Keenan in Orinda, CA

January 1 1971 Cosette Ellison Murder Body Found Mount Diablo, CA

June 1971 Pleasant Hill Dog Poisoner Pleasant Hill, CA

February 25 1975 Pleasant Hill Cat Burglar Pleasant Hill, CA

In 1975 the cat burglar returned to hit one street over from where he had in 1969…

Sandra Wood

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was Sandra Wood murdered by John Korman Jr. in 1975?

[Note: this is the first Murder Inc. article in a series on the unsolved murders of New Jersey serial killer John Korman Jr.]

In 1970, Vietnam veteran John Korman Jr. married Gwendolyn Freels in Basking Ridge, NJ. Korman and his wife were both graduates of Ridge High School in Basking Ridge. In 1973, John Korman was convicted of assault and received a two month suspended sentence, two years probation and an order to receive psychiatric treatment.
On September 16 1975, 16 year old Sandra Wood was last seen walking from her friends house in Warren, NJ to her home in Basking Ridge. It is believed Sandra Wood was hitchiking and two different men came forward and told police they had given Sandra Wood rides toward her home that night. She was last seen about three miles from her home. Four days later on September 20, she was found murdered along Baptist Church Road in Union, NJ. Sandra Wood had been beaten and strangled and was naked from the waist down. Her body was discovered a few feet from the road in a wooded area by a man walking his dog. Police believed she was beaten with a hammer or a club and may have been flung from a car.
Sandra Wood was a student at Ridge High School with John Korman Jr.’s sister-in-law Mary the previous year. In 1998, John Korman was arrested for the murders of Nancy Nott (1998) and Paula Strazdas (1995). But Nancy Nott and Paula Strazdas weren’t John Korman’s only murder victims. Did John Korman Jr. kill Sandra Wood in 1975?

January 29 1970 John Korman Jr & Gwendolyn Freels Engaged Basking Ridge, NJ

John Korman’s fiance Gwendolyn Freels and her family lived in Basking Ridge at the time of their engagement

May 15 1971 John Korman Jr. & Gwendolyn Freels Marriage Basking Ridge, NJ

In 1971 John Korman’s parents lived in Bernardsville just north of Basking Ridge, NJ

March 1 1973 John Korman Jr Assault Middlesex, NJ

By 1973 John Korman had moved to Middlesex, NJ where he lived for many years. His home was 3 miles south of Warren where Sandra Wood disappeared

1974 Sandra Wood attends Ridge High School Basking Ridge, NJ

June 1975 John Korman Jr’s Sister-In-Law Mary Freels Graduates Ridge High School, Basking Ridge, NJ

September 16 1975 Sandra Wood Missing Warren, NJ

Sandra Wood disappeared while heading home to Basking Ridge, NJ from a friends home in Warren. Two different men told police they gave her a ride the night she disappeared. The first man told police he picked up Sandra Wood on Washington Valley Road in Warren and dropped her off a quarter mile away

The second man told police he picked up Sandra Wood on Washington Valley Road and dropped her off on Crim Road about two miles from her home
Sandra Wood lived on Mountain Road in Basking Ridge, a few miles south of John Korman’s parents and his wife’s family

September 20 1975 Sandra Wood Murder Union, NJ

Sandra Wood was found in Union, NJ about 20 miles west from where she disappeared

In 1987 John Korman won a fishing contest at Round Valley Reservoir approximately 7 miles east from the spot where Sandra Wood was found murdered

Creekside Killer

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was Rose Conaty murdered by the Golden State Killer in Walnut Creek in 1974?

In 1973, a crime report by the city of Walnut Creek alleged there were only three reported rapes for the entire year. Two were at the same address. On September 12 1973 at an apartment complex located at 1450 Creekside Drive. A 21 year old woman was watching TV at 2:00 am when the rapist cut the power to her apartment and then startled her by cupping his hand over her mouth. The woman screamed and was warned by the man “don’t scream”. “I’m just a guy with a knife to your throat” he told her. The rapist was described as white, broad shouldered and having short dark hair. He wore boots, dark jeans, a wool shirt and gloves.
About a month later on October 21 1973, a 31 year old woman awoke to a man in her bedroom around 4:00 am at the same apartment complex. The rapist was armed with a jackknife and wearing rubber surgical gloves. He was described as a white male, 26-28, about 5’9 and 150 pounds. He’d entered through an unlocked sliding glass door and also cut the electrical power from a closet before the attack.
On January 23 1974 Rosa (Rose) Linda Conaty was murdered in her apartment at 1420 Creekside Drive in Walnut Creek. The 19 year old graduate of Mount Diablo High School had been beaten and strangled and was found nude from the waist up with her feet propped up against the apartment door. Police concluded there was no link between her murder and the unsolved serial rapist who had attacked two woman approximately 500 feet away.
On February 4 1974, less than two weeks after Rose Conaty’s murder, a rapist struck again on Creekside Drive, attempting to rape a woman after following her to her apartment. This time the attack was only about 200 feet from Rose Conaty’s apartment but again police declined to link the crimes. “We have checked the cases out but nothing connects” claimed Sgt. Jim Battles of the Walnut Creek Police Department.
Five days after the attempted attack on Creekside Drive, on February 9 1974, a woman asleep in her home on Gehringer Drive in nearby Concord was awakened by an intruder at 3:50 am. He was carrying a torch made of lit paper towels and armed with a knife. After the assault the victim found $25 stolen from her purse and her phone lines cut. The next night on February 10 1974, the rapist struck one block away on the same street. A husband and wife were asleep in their bed when the man awoke to the smell of something burning. It was the rapist again carrying a torch made of lit paper towels and armed with a hunting knife. The rapist forced the husband to lie on the ground at knife point and assaulted the wife. The woman was able to knock the knife out of the rapist’s hand and the husband ran for help, causing the rapist to flee. The rapist may have entered by breaking in the through front door. He was described as in his early twenties, 5’8 to 6’0, husky and with shoulder length brownish hair. East Area Rapist Joseph DeAngelo’s relatives lived less than a mile away from Gehringer Drive at the time according to 12-26-75. [Source:]
Two years later on April 5 1976 a woman on Creekside Drive awoke at 5:00 am to a rapist in her bedroom. He told the victim he was going to rape her but she fought him off and he fled.
On September 4 1976, the East Area Rapist struck at 11:55 pm in Carmichael. Hours later on the early morning of September 5 1976, a rapist again struck on Creekside Drive. A woman living in an apartment building at Creekside Drive and Near Court awoke to man holding a knife to her throat. “Keep quiet and you won’t get hurt”, the rapist warned.
Later that same day, 9 year old Lisa Dickinson disappeared in Walnut Creek. Her bicycle was found leaning against a tree in an orchard at Heather Farm Park. Police used a psychic to assist in locating her who led them to Creekside Drive where the rapist had attacked. The psychic had a “creekside feeling” and felt the Creekside Drive Rapist was connected to Lisa’s disappearance. No trace of Lisa Dickinson was ever found. The East Area Rapist would go on to attack in Walnut Creek twice in 1979.

1973 Only Three Rapes Reported in Walnut Creek, CA

September 12 1973 Creekside Drive Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

October 21 1973 Creekside Drive Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

January 23 1974 Rose Linda Conaty Murder Walnut Creek, CA

February 4 1974 Walnut Creek Rapist Concord, CA

After police concluded that the rapes on Creekside Drive were unrelated to the Conaty murder, a rapist again struck on Creekside Drive only 200 feet from where Rose Conaty was murdered

February 9 1974 Torch Rapist Concord, CA

See the 12-26-75 Unsolved Map for more info:
February 27 1974 Early Morning Rapist Sacramento, CA


April 10 1974 Concord Rapist Concord, CA

April 30 1974 Concord Rapist Concord, CA

August 14 1974 Masked Cat Burglar Concord, CA

November 4 1974 Creekside Drive Burglar Walnut Creek, CA

February 25 1975 Pleasant Hill Cat Burglar Pleasant Hill, CA

March 20 1975 Hooded Area Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

March 25 1975 Walnut Creek Dog Poisoner Walnut Creek, CA

December 7 1975 Hooded Rapist Pleasant Hill, CA

January 24 1976 KKK Hooded Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

February 6 1976 Masked Rapist Lafayette, CA

February 26 1976 Hooded Rapist Pleasant Hill, CA

April 5 1976 Creekside Drive Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

May 27 1976 Walnut Creek Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

June 3 1976 Concord Rapist Concord, CA

September 4 1976 Sacramento South Area Rapist  Sacramento, CA
Sep 3 1976 EAR.JPG
September 4 1976 East Area Rapist Attack “#4” Carmichael, CA
EAR sep 4 76.JPG

sep 4 76 EAR.JPG
sep 4 76.JPG

September 5 1976 Creekside Drive Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

September 5 1976 Lisa Dickinson Missing Walnut Creek, CA

Lisa Dickinson’s uncle reported her family received hang up calls

June 15 1977 Creekside Drive Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

June 17 1977 Creekside Drive Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

February 25 1978 Concord Rapist Concord, CA

July 11 1978 Walnut Creek Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

October 7 1978 East Area Rapist Concord, CA

October 13 1978 East Area Rapist Concord, CA

October 17 1978 Concord EAR Meeting Concord, CA

October 21 1978 East Area Rapist Burglary Clayton, CA

June 2 1979 East Area Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

June 25 1979 East Area Rapist Walnut Creek, CA

The last two known EAR attacks in Walnut Creek were clustered .3 miles from Lisa Dickinson’s home…

and under 1,000 feet from the 1966 unsolved murder of Folsom High School alum Clara Anderson by the Necktie Strangler




Kathy Woods

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was Kathy Woods murdered by Richard Cottingham on Long Island in 1976?

On June 3 1976, 13 year old Kathy Woods disappeared while walking from school to her home in Dix Hills, NY. Two days later her body was discovered wrapped in a canvas bag in a wooded area of Huntington on Sweet Hollow Road near Jericho Turnpike. She’d been raped, asphyxiated with a gag in her mouth, her throat was slit and she’d been sexually mutilated. Suffolk County Police believed she may have been held captive for two days by her killer. Two days before Kathy disappeared, her neighbor had chased a prowler peeping in the window watching his 14 year old daughter.
Six months earlier, serial killer Richard Cottingham’s cousin held her wedding reception at the Huntington Towne House approximately 1.5 miles east on Jericho Turnpike from the spot where Kathy Woods was found murdered. Did Cottingham attend the wedding reception in Huntington? Was he familiar with the area to use as a hunting ground for stalking, prowling, killing and dumping? Richard Cottingham is known to have held victims captive for days just like Kathy Woods is believed to have been by her murderer. The murder of Kathy Woods was never solved.

December 28 1975 Richard Cottingham’s Cousin’s Wedding Reception Huntington, NY

Kathy Woods was found murdered approximately 1.5 miles from the Huntington Towne House where Richard Cottingham’s cousin held her wedding reception six months prior

June 2 1976 Prowler at Kathy Woods’ Neighbor Huntington, NY

June 5 1976 Katherine Woods Murder Huntington, NY

Cynthia Constantine

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Did Richard Cottingham murder Cynthia Constantine three days before killing Denise Falasca?

On July 11, 1969 Cynthia Constantine disappeared while walking her dog in Oakdale, NY. Her dog returned home with the leash still attached to it’s collar, but no sign of Cynthia was ever found. Three days later, Richard Cottingham murdered Denise Falasca in New Jersey. The brilliant detectives of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office took decades to figure out Richard Cottingham killed Denise Falasca, despite the fact she disappeared less than a mile from where Cottingham lived in 1969 and was found murdered 1,500 feet from the Lodi home where Cottingham resided when he was arrested in 1980!

July 11 1969 Cynthia Constantine Missing Oakdale, NY

Being the pigheaded, useless fuck-offs that they are, the Suffolk County Police Department publicly accused Cynthia Constantine’s father of being her killer despite having zero evidence

Cynthia Constantine disappeared in Oakdale, NY in Suffolk County

On April 2 1978 the skeleton of a woman was discovered buried in the sand on the beach at Heckscher State Park in East Islip, NY. She’d been strangled with a belt. At the time Suffolk County Police detectives theorized it may be the remains of Cynthia Constantine who disappeared nine years earlier. It’s unclear if, why or how the remains were determined to not belong to Cynthia Constantine.

Richard Cottingham murdered Denise Falasca in NJ only three days after Cynthia Constantine disappeared but their cases were never linked by law enforcement
July 14 1969 Denise Falasca Murder Saddle Brook, NJ *Richard Cottingham Confessed*


Police claimed they had “admissions” from an innocent juvenile friend of Denise Falasca

The idiotic police officers in Bergen County tried to blame Denise Falasca’s murder on “narcotics”

Denise Falasca disappeared one mile from serial killer Richard Cottingham’s 1969 home

Proximity of where Denise Falasca was last seen and where Richard Cottingham lived at the time

Denise Falasca was also found 1,500 feet from Richard Cottingham’s 1980 home in Lodi

Denise Falasca was last seen one mile from Richard Cottingham’s 1969 home and found murdered 1,500 feet from Cottingham’s 1980 Lodi home but the brilliant detectives in Bergen County took decades to link him to the murder. Cottingham was arrested in 1980 and information on his addresses was readily available to them

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office only admitted Richard Cottingham killed Denise Falasca after the information was revealed in a community meeting by Dr. Peter Vronsky

Before Cottingham admitted to Denise Falasca’s murder, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office attempted to frame serial rapist Raymond Alves for Denise Falasca’s murder by fabricating false evidence. The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office lied and claimed Denise Falasca worked for the same cleaning company as Alves, a lie that was completely false with no basis in reality.


April 24 1967 Darlene Wolf Polizzi Missing Lodi, NJ

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 4.15.08 AM.png

Darlene Polizzi lived and disappeared only half a mile down the street from where Denise Falasca was found murdered. In all likelihood, she was also murdered by Richard Cottingham



Brooklyn Butcher

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was Claribel Quinones murdered by the Long Island Serial Killer?

On July 3, 2007 workers found the dismembered remains of a woman wrapped in a plastic garbage bag, newspaper and duct tape in the basement of an abandoned house at 546 Lexington Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. The identity of the victim was never released to the public by the New York Police Department but was obtained by Murder Inc. The woman was Claribel Quinones, of 1065 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn.
Tanya Rush was last seen leaving her apartment at 345 Livonia Avenue in Brooklyn on June 23, 2008. According to her sister-in-law, Tanya said she was going to meet a friend. Her dismembered remains were found in a suitcase along the Newbridge Road ramp off the Southern State Parkway in Bellmore not far from the Wantagh State Parkway that leads to Jones Beach. Her murder is known to have been investigated by law enforcement in connection with the Long Island Serial Killer case.
On March 23, 2013 the skeletal remains of a female in a suitcase were discovered by construction workers inside an abandoned house at 174 Hull Street in Brooklyn. The suitcase was burned, likely during a fire that occurred at the house in May 2012, placing the murder sometime before then. The woman was identified as Erica McDaniel, a 30 year old Kansas native with ties to Long Island. Erica McDaniel lived at 1084 Bedford Avenue, directly across the street from Claribel Quinones! Both Erica McDaniel and Claribel Quinones were found murdered and hidden inside abandoned houses in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn

July 3 2007 Claribel Quinones Murder Brooklyn, NY


Claribel Quinones was found dismembered in an abandoned house at 546 Lexington Ave in Brooklyn

Claribel Quinones and Erica McDaniel lived across the street from each other
June 27 2008 Tanya Rush Murder Bellmore, NY

Tanya Rush lived at 345 Livonia Ave in Brooklyn, NY. She vanished after walking out of her apartment building and told her sister-in-law she was going to meet a friend. Tanya Rush lived less than a mile from where Erica McDaniel’s body was found. Both were found in suitcases and police noted the similarities between their murders to the press

Tanya Rush was found dismembered in a suitcase on Long Island
March 23 2013 Erica McDaniel Murder Brooklyn, NY


The NYPD released this artist's sketch of a young woman whose remains were found in a charred suitcase inside a building on Hull St. in Bedford-Stuyvesant that suffered a fire last May. The remains were found when the property was sold recently.
Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 5.23.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 5.23.02 AM.png
174 Hull Street in Brooklyn where Erica McDaniel was discovered

174 Hull Street is less than two miles from the abandoned house where Claribel Quinones was found dismembered

Erica McDaniel was found murdered under 1000 feet from the address shown for Andre Isaac on De Sales Place

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 6.26.32 AM.png
Erica McDaniel’s relatives lived in Amityville and West Babylon on Long Island

Erica McDaniel’s relatives lived 1 mile from LISK victim Amber Costello in West Babylon

Erica McDaniel lived across the street from Claribel Quinones in Brooklyn
The Brooklyn Butcher
On July 9 1997 a male and female were found dismembered in garbage bags in the parking lot of the Borinquen Plaza apartments by a cleanup crew. The NYPD claims neither victim was ever identified but they are still not in NamUS. The next day, July 10, the skull, arms and legs of a female inside of a suitcase were fished out of the water in Brooklyn. The victim also remains unidentified.
In August 1999, 16 year old Jackie Smith disappeared from Avenue N & Utica Avenue in Brooklyn. Her torso was found wrapped in plastic in Rockaway Beach, Queens on June 20, 2000.
On February 20 2002 the skull and hands of a female were found inside the refrigerator of abandoned house at 2743 Fulton Street by workers hired to clear the property. More body parts were also found in the basement. She remains unidentified. The circumstances of her murder and Claribel Quinones are eerily similar.
In November 2002, Andre Jamal Isaac, known as “Sugar Bear” disappeared from Brooklyn after getting into a red BMW-type sports car with his “secret friend”. His torso was found dismembered and wrapped in plastic bags in Rockaway Beach in December 2002 approximately one mile from where Jackie Smith’s torso had been found. His skull was found in a frozen pond in Moriches in Suffolk County on Long Island and his extremities were discovered in a wooded area near a recently constructed house in East Patchogue. In 2020, the Suffolk County Police Department “accidentally” posted Andre Isaac’s case on their Gilgo News website.
In July 2003, the dismembered torso of Jessica Taylor was found in Manorville, NY. Her skull was later recovered along Ocean Parkway in 2011 among 10+ other victims of the Long Island Serial Killer. Like Jackie Smith, Andre Isaac, Claribel Quinones, Tanya Rush and Erica McDaniel, Jessica Taylor lived in Brooklyn, NY…

July 9 1997 Jane Doe & John Doe Dismembered Brooklyn, NY

7/9/97 lisk -

July 10 1997 Dismembered Female NamUS #UP6816 Brooklyn, NY

August 12 1999 Jacqueline Smith Missing Brooklyn, NY

In 2008, posters on the Porchlight USA missing persons forum were informed that Jacqueline Smith was “restricted” and ordered to remove any posters of her from public view. Why, if Jacqueline wasn’t identified until 2018?

Jackie Smith was last seen at Avenue N & Utica Avenue in Brooklyn

June 20 2000 Jacqueline Smith Murder Torso Discovered Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY

The NYPD sent out a tweet in 2019 with limited information about Jacqueline Smith’s murder. This appears to be the only public acknowledgement that the torso found in Rockaway Beach on June 20, 2000 was identified as Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Smith’s torso was found approximately 1 mile away from where Sugar Bear’s was found two years later

December 5 2001 Dismembered Male Brooklyn, NY

The dismembered remains of this John Doe were found in garbage bags at a Brooklyn housing project, echoing the murder of the male and female found dismembered in the parking lot of the Borinquen housing projects in 1997

February 20 2002 Unidentified Dismembered Female & Davon Barrell Brooklyn, NY


Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 6.33.43 AM.png
Jane Doe (2002) and Claribel Quinones (2007) were found approximately 2.5 miles apart and both discovered dismembered in the basement of an abandoned house

2743 Fulton where Jane Doe 2002 and 647 Belmont where Davon Barrell were found are about half a mile apart
Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 6.34.59 AM.png
647 Belmont Ave Brooklyn, NY where Davon Barrell was discovered
Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 3.36.18 AM.png
The male victim found at 647 Belmont was identified as Davon Barrell (per a Freedom of Information Law request). LISK victim Jessica Taylor lived under 1,000 feet from where Davon Barrell was found murdered

November 2002 Andre Jamal Isaac “Sugar Bear” Missing Brooklyn, NY

Andre Isaac disappeared from East New York after being seen getting into a red BMW with his “secret friend”
secret friend.JPG
Andre Isaac lived on De Sales Place in Brooklyn. Long Island Serial Killer victim Jessica Taylor’s pimp Khalil White shows a previous address on De Sales Place two blocks from where Andre lived. It also appears that Khalil White’s and Andre Isaac’s relatives know each other

Khalil White’s mom knew Andre Isaac’s father

December 17 2002 Andre Jamal Isaac “Sugar Bear” Torso Rockaway Beach, NY
Andre Jamal Isaac, who met a grisly end in 2002.
Andre Isaac’s murder appeared on the official Suffolk County Police Department’s Long Island Serial Killer “Gilgo News” website in 2020
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 3.43.45 PM

The transvestite's torso was found on Beach 63 Street near the boardwalk on December 17, 2002. Police searched the entire area looking for clues or the remainder of the body, but came up empty.
Andre Isaac’s torso was discovered at Rockaway Beach 1 mile from where Jackie Smith’s torso was found in 2000

January 26 2003 Andre Jamal Isaac’s Head Recovered Moriches, NYIn January of 2004, police officials came up with an artist's rendition of the dead man.
1/26/03 LISK -

April 10 2004 Andre Isaac’s Arms & Legs Recovered Moriches, NY
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 7.29.20 PM

Andre’s remains were recovered buried at 22 Old Neck Road in Center Moriches

PIX11’s Mary Murphy covered the murder of Andre Isaac and the connection to the Long Island Serial Killer case in a July 2020 investigative report

July 26 2003 Jessica Taylor Murder Manorville, NY *LISK*

Image result for jessica taylor manorville
Jessica Taylor was murdered by the Long Island Serial Killer in July 2003. Jessica Taylor and her pimp Khalil White lived in Brooklyn

Jessica Taylor’s Remy’s Angel tattoo was similar to Claribel Quinones’ angel tattoo

Jessica Taylor 7/30/03 -

2/3/04 JT LISK -

2/4/04 JT LISK -
Jessica Taylor’s torso was found in Manorville, NY
March 3 2004 Lethovan Beaubrun Murder Brooklyn, NY
3/2/04 East Flatbush LIsk dismem -
Lethovan Beaubrun’s identity was obtained from the NYPD by Murder Inc. through the Freedom of Information Law

Lethovan Beaubrun appears to have resided on Long Island in Jericho, NY at some point prior to his murder
Today marks 25 years since the first official Long Island Serial Killer victim’s dismembered legs were found on Fire Island. The Suffolk County Police Department continues to refuse to release the identity of LISK victim Manorville John Doe 2003…


Muttontown Jane Doe

Was Muttontown Jane Doe murdered by the Long Island Serial Killer?

On November 10 2001 the skeleton of a woman was discovered at the Muttontown Preserve in Nassau County on Long Island. In 2002, Billy Jensen covered the story of Muttontown Jane Doe in True Crime L.I. Confidential for the New Island Ear. For years, numerous attempts were made to get Muttontown Jane Doe entered into NamUS. Finally, succeeded and Muttontown Jane Doe was admitted into NamUS in 2020.
On March 3, 2007 the torso of a woman was found in a suitcase in Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck, NY. The woman had a tattoo of two cherries on her chest. Inside the suitcase were a pair of purple Champion brand sweatpants, a long sleeve t-shirt made by Voice and a red camisole made by Coconut Republic. There were also scraps of paper from a calendar that said “cinco” and “begin to live”. On March 21 a fisherman found the victim’s right leg and a foot on the rocks in Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island. The next day, the victim’s left leg was found near the shoreline by a groundskeeper on Madison Square Garden owner James Dolan’s property on the North Shore of Long Island in Cove Neck, NY, not far from Cold Spring Harbor.
On January 21 2013, the female remains of a woman were found in a secluded sandy area near the beach off Sheep Lane in Lattingtown, NY. The woman was found in a plastic bag, partially buried in the sand. The bag was weathered and had vegetation and roots growing into it, indicating it had been there for some time. The victim is described as an Asian female, age 20-50, found with a bra, dark colored jeans and socks. The woman was also wearing a distinctive gold pig charm necklace. Lattingtown Jane Doe was found approximately 6 miles north of the Muttontown Preserve where Muttontown Jane Doe was discovered in 2001. To this day, Muttontown Jane Doe, Cherries and Lattingtown Jane Doe remain unidentified. Were these 3 women victims of the Long Island Serial Killer? Was the LISK dumping bodies on the North Shore of Long Island?

November 10 2001 Muttontown Jane Doe Muttontown, NY

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 12.00.23 AM
Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 12.02.34 AM
Gold Coast Mystery by Billy Jensen True Crime L.I. Confidential New Island Ear Volume 1 Issue 5

Muttontown Jane Doe was found in a nature preserve approximately 7 miles south of Lattingtown Jane Doe

March 3 2007 Cherries Mamaroneck/Lloyd Harbor, NY

Cherries left leg was found approximately 5 miles east of where Lattingtown Jane would be discovered
January 21 2013 Lattingtown Jane Doe Lattingtown, NY

Does the Long Island Serial Killer’s dumping ground cover not only New York City, Manorville and Ocean Parkway, but also the North Shore of Long Island?

LISK ’97

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was the Long Island Serial Killer responsible for a series of dismemberments surrounding Peaches’ murder in 1997?

During the summer of 1997 a rash of dismemberments plagued New York. On June 13, the body or torso of a woman in a plastic bag was discovered in a wooded area of Highbridge Park between 180th Street and 181st Street in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. It’s unclear if the woman was dismembered. One report describes the discovery as a torso wrapped in plastic. The woman was identified as Nancy Flores through dental records.
On June 18 the torso of a woman was discovered in an abandoned apartment complex in Red Bank, NJ. The woman had been decapitated, her legs were removed along with the fingertips of all her fingers. It wasn’t until 2008 that she was identified as Sara Lepkofker, a 56 year old Brooklyn woman who had disappeared in May 1997.
10 days later on June 28, Long Island Serial Killer victim Peaches‘ torso was discovered in Hempstead Lake State Park. Peaches extremities and the body of her young child were later recovered along Ocean Parkway in 2011. Peaches skull was never found. The Suffolk County Police Department hid from the public the fact that Peaches’ remains were found on Ocean Parkway and she was the mother of the child for 5 years!
On July 3, Jennifer Nicole Gaine was found murdered inside a Times Square motel room. She was strangled, wrapped in a bed sheet and her hands and feet were bound with a pillowcase covering her head. The police claim Gaine was a sex worker.
Less than a week later on July 9, the dismembered remains of a male and female were found in garbage bags by a clean up crew at the Borinquen Plaza apartments in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Four garbage bags containing the torsos, heads, arms and legs of a Jane and John Doe were found against a parking lot wall. The victims were estimated to have been dead for 6 to 12 hours.
One day later on July 10, fishermen in the Gowanus Bay in Brooklyn fished up a suitcase containing dismembered body parts. A head, two arms and two legs were found in garbage bags inside the suitcase. Original news report describe the head as belonging to that of a male. NamUS now lists the sex of the victim as female and describes the victims nails as having pink nail polish with silver tips.
That’s quite a number of dismembered body parts in a very short time period. When Valerie Mack’s torso was discovered in Manorville in 2000, the remains of an unidentified male, strangled and in his underwear was discovered only four days later and a few miles west. After Jessica Taylor’s torso was found in Manorville in July 2003, the body of male homicide victim was recovered in November. He has been identified but the Suffolk County Police Department refuses to release his name to the public. His estimated postmortem interval of three to four months puts his time of death around late July when Jessica Taylor was murdered. These circumstances suggest that the Long Island Serial Killer may have killed and dumped the male victims at the same times as Jessica Taylor and Valerie Mack. Were the male and female Manorville victims killed together like the dismembered Jane and John Doe in Brooklyn? Was LISK on killing spree over the course of one month in mid-June through mid-July in 1997?
June 13 1997 Nancy Flores Murder Highbridge Park, NYC

6/14/97 high bridge park -

June 18 1997 Sara Lepkofker Murder Torso Discovered Red Bank, NJ

June 28 1997 Peaches *LISK* Hempstead Lake State Park NY
Detectives investigate in the woods where the remains
Law Enforcement hid the fact that Peaches’ body parts were found on Ocean Parkway and pretended she was a separate individual from the “Jane Doe” mother of the child victim found at Gilgo Beach for 5 long years