Sex Maniac

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was Marilyn Simons murdered by the “Sex Maniac” Richard Cottingham in 1966?

On Sunday July 28, 1963 Gwendolyn Palmer was raped and strangled in her Greenwich Village apartment in Manhattan. She was a 61 year old widow who had just returned from visiting her son in Paramus, NJ. The killer apparently entered her home through a window via the fire escape. At the time, “Torso Killer” Richard Cottingham was a 16 year old high school student in New Jersey. Was Cottingham prowling the city that weekend in 1963 as a young teenage serial killer? In the press, Gwendolyn Palmer’s killer was referred to as a “Sex Maniac” in the headlines. Fast forward to three years later in 1966…
On February 17 1966, a rapist broke into a Williston Park home in Nassau County on Long Island during the early morning hours. The 45 year old woman who lived there spotted a man prowling on her front lawn and before she could phone the police the man broke down the locked door and attacked her. He asked where her husband was, punched her in the face and proclaimed he was a “sex maniac” before dragging her out the back door and raping her behind a garage outside. The woman’s husband worked at Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp in Bethpage, NY.

A month later in April 24 1966, 39 year old Marilyn Simons was found murdered in her car in Farmingville, NY. She’d been stabbed nine times and strangled with her garter belt. Her murder was never solved by police. Marilyn Simons worked at Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp in Bethpage, NY!  Later that year on December 5 1966, Estelle Hague was found murdered in her car in a parking lot in Westbury, NY. The 53 year old widow had been raped, beaten and strangled. Her murder was also never solved by police.
On June 21, 2022 serial killer Richard Cottingham was charged with the 1968 murder of Diane Cusick in Valley Stream, NY. The case was solved by Dr. Peter Vronky after Cottingham confided to him that he frequented a drive-in movie theater next to Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream. The murder of Diane Cusick was then rediscovered using newspaper archives and the information was given to police, prompting them to test the DNA recovered from the Cusick crime scene and see an alleged match to Cottingham. Diane Cusick’s husband worked at Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp in Bethpage, NY just like the Sex Maniac’s 1966 victim’s husband and just like Marilyn Simons….

July 28 1963 Gwendolyn Palmer Murder New York, NY

May 2 1963 Richard Cottingham Pascack Valley High

February 13 1966 Kidnap Forest Hills, Queens, NY

February 17 1966 Sex Maniac Williston Park, NY (Discovered by Dr. Peter Vronsky)

April 4 1966 Janet Adams Murder Paramus, NJ


April 24 1966 Marilyn Simons Murder Farmingville, NY

June 20 1966 Levittown Rapist Hempstead, NY

August 23 1966 Lodi Rapist Lodi, NJ

September 20 1966 Uniondale Rapist Uniondale, NY

October 14 1966 Garden City Rapist Garden City, NY

October 25 1966 Massapequa Masked Rapist Massapequa, NY

November 4 1966 Massapequa Masked Rapist Massapequa, NY

November 2? 1966 Massapequa Masked Rapist Massapequa, NY

December 5 1966 Estella Hague Murder Westbury, NY

December 13 1966 Freeport/Mineola Rapist

Marilyn Mara

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was Marilyn Mara murdered by the Long Island Serial Killer?

In 1990, Marilyn Jean Mara disappeared after walking away from her parents’ home in Ridgewood, Queens. Three years later, Ridgewood resident Sandra Costilla was found strangled to death in North Sea on eastern Long Island. She is believed to have been murdered by John Bittrolff, the Long Island Serial Killer. Sandra Costilla’s last known address was 1704 Gates Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens not far from where Marilyn Mara was last seen. Were they both picked up in Ridgewood and murdered by LISK?

June 1 1990 Marilyn Jean Mara Missing Queens, NY

October 8 1990 John Bittrolff Arrest Suffolk County, NY
November 2 1993 Rita Tangredi-Beinlich Murder East Patchogue, NY *John Bittrolff Convicted*

Rita Tangredi’s daughter Amanda claims to have been friends with LISK victim Melissa Barthelemy
amanda beinlich.JPG
November 20 1993 Sandra Costilla Murder North Sea, NY
Image result for sandra castillo

Sandra Costilla’s last known address was in Ridgewood, Queens near Marilyn Mara

Sandra Costilla was found murdered approximately 15 miles east of Riverhead Jane Doe

January 30 1994 Colleen McNamee Murder Shirley, NY *John Bittrolff Convicted*

2/2/94 body -
2/4/93 -
5/24/94 LISK bittrolff -
bittrolff -
Colleen was last seen getting into a blue car at the Blue Dawn Diner in Islandia
Colleen McNamee was found murdered in the same remote area as LISK victim Manorville John Doe 2000, who was found strangled in his underwear four days after Valerie Mack…


Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was Yang Jun Zhang murdered by the Long Island Serial Killer in 2003?

At 2:00 am on June 30 2003, a homeless man digging through garbage in front of a building on Division Street in Chinatown found a large black suitcase containing the dismembered remains of a male. The suitcase contained the victim’s torso, arms and hands (or a hand). His head and legs were never found. He was identified as Yang Jun Zhang, a 45 year old cook from China who lived in Flushing, Queens and had disappeared on his way to a casino in Connecticut. His girlfriend contacted the police after she read about the torso in a Chinese language newspaper. One month later, the dismembered torso of Jessica Taylor was discovered on Halsey Manor Road in Manorville, NY. Her skull was later recovered on Ocean Parkway in 2011 along with ten other victims including an unidentified Asian male and Maureen Brainard-Barnes, who had previously worked at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. Was Yang Jun Zhang headed to Foxwoods when he disappeared in 2003?
In November 2003, the remains of a male was discovered by a mushroom hunter in Manorville not far from where Jessica Taylor’s torso had been dumped. He was estimated to have been killed around the same time as Jessica Taylor. The man was identified in 2016, but the Suffolk County Police Department continues to engage in a coverup 7 years later and refuses to comply with the Freedom of Information Act to release the documents identifying Manorville John Doe #2. When will the Suffolk County Police Department be held accountable and stop breaking the law? Will new police commissioner Rodney Harrison keep his word of his promise for transparency or will he continue the illegal witholding of Manorville John Doe #2’s identity and continue to hinder the Long Island Serial Killer case from being solved?

June 30 2003 Yang Jun Zhang Murder Chinatown New York, NY


July 26 2003 Jessica Taylor Murder *LISK* Manorville, NY
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2/3/04 JT LISK -
2/4/04 JT LISK -
Image result for april 2011 gilgo map

Jessica Taylor’s pimp Khalil White aka “Remy”‘s mother knew Sugar Bear’s father

November 10 2003 Manorville John Doe #2 Manorville, NY

11/11/03 Manorville John Doe -

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 7.00.04 AM
Manorville John Doe 2003’s proximity Jessica Taylor
Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 10.15.56 PM
On Nov. 10, mushroom pickers found the body of a male, intact but in an advanced stage of decomposition. Like the first male, this one was also dumped just south of the expressway, but 11 miles east of the first. The victim was Caucasian, 35 to 50 years old, about 5-foot-6 and had died up to four months earlier.

Manorville John Doe 2003 was estimated to have died up to four months earlier, putting his time of death around that of Jessica Taylor’s.

BODY HINTS AT SERIAL SLAY By Lisa Pulitzer A mushroom hunter yesterday led police to a nude body buried under a tangle of leaves and branches off the Long Island Expressway – not far from a heavily wooded area where the bodies of two nude, headless and handless women were found dumped. Police, who believe there may be a serial killer at work in the area, said it was too soon to tell if there’s a connection between yesterday’s grisly find in Manorville and the two unsolved decapitation murders – one discovered last July, the other in November 2000. “At this point there’s no way of knowing if there’s a link,” said Detective Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick, commander of the Suffolk homicide squad. Although the mushroom hunter, who asked to remain anonymous, first spotted the body a week and a half ago, he didn’t tell police about his discovery until yesterday. He told The Post he was “too terrified,” but finally spoke up because he was “having nightmares.” He led cops to the corpse in dense woods just west of the Edwards Avenue exit of the LIE, yesterday morning. Investigators left the body undisturbed, under a pile of leaves, branches and brush, while they combed the area for clues. They said they would not be able to determine whether it belonged to a man or woman – and whether it was intact – until they finished their crime-scene search. The mushroom hunter told The Post he thought the victim was a girl “because the feet were small.” He said he also didn’t see any fingers on the body, but thought they may have been buried under the brush. Fitzpatrick said it was not clear whether the body had been buried by naturally falling foliage and tree limbs, or by someone trying to hide a murder. The body was found 400 yards south of the LIE, near Toppings Path – about three miles east of the woods where the bodies of the two decapitated women had been dumped. Their remains were located a mile apart, just north of the LIE, near Halsey Manor Road. Because both were nude, headless and handless, and had been similarly mutilated, police believe they may have been victims of a serial killer. Investigators also have also been checking for links between the two brutal slayings and a 1997 murder in Hempstead Lake State Park in which a woman, whose hands, feet and head had been chopped off, was dumped in woods near the Southern State Parkway. The victim in the most recent of the three murders was described as white or Hispanic, 20 to 30 years of age, 5-foot-5, between 110 and 125 pounds, with brown hair. She had a black and red tattoo of an eagle on the right side of her back – that her killer had attempted to gouge out – and wore a purple and silver decal on a toe. Her body was discovered on July 26 by a woman walking a dog. In woods less than a mile away, the partially decomposed body of another woman was found in November 2000. The victim was described as white, 35 to 40 years old, between 5-foot-1 and 5-foot-5, with brown hair. HIGHWAY TO HELL November 2002 in Manorville In woods north of Long Island Expressway, near Halsey Manor Road Partially decomposed nude body of unidentified decapitated woman, her arms severed, found; believed to have been dumped a month earlier. July 26, 2003 in Manorville In woods north of Long Island Expressway, less than a mile south of November 2002 dumped murder victim Nude body of unidentified decapitated woman, her arms severed, found. (for artist: this is east of other Manorville sites, just before LIE exit 71/Edwards Av Nov. 10, 2003 in Manorville In woods south of Long Island Expressway, near Toppings Path, three miles east of earlier Manorville crime scenes Nude body found by mushroom hunter under leaves and branches.

March 29 2011 Jessica Taylor found Ocean Parkway
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 9.09.23 AM
April 4 2011 Valerie Mack & Asian Male found Ocean Parkway
Related image
Asian Male was recovered only 1,000 feet from the Gilgo 4
Long Island police use genetic genealogy to ID another victim of ...
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 7.30.40 AM
January 21 2013 Lattingtown Jane Doe Lattingtown, NY




Orange Rapist

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Did Joseph DeAngelo murder Margaret Achterberg in Orange, California in 1983?

At 5:30 am on the morning of August 31, 1983 a 22 year old woman asleep in her home in Orange, CA was attacked by a rapist. Less than a month later 69 year old Margaret Achterberg was murdered in her Orange home. She’d been bound, gagged, beaten and raped. The detectives claimed that the killer’s “brutality rose in response to her increasing display of fear“. Joseph DeAngelo had relatives living in Orange, CA over the years and Orange is close to Irvine where DeAngelo committed two known murders, but police have never linked any crimes in Orange to the Golden State Killer. Was Joe DeAngelo the Orange Rapist?

August 31 1983 Orange Rapist Orange, CA

September 19 1983 Margaret Achterberg Murder Orange, CA

Terri Lynn Beene

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was Terri Beene murdered by the Golden State Killer in 1979?

On Christmas Eve 1979, the nude body of 16 year old Terri Lynn Beene was discovered in a remote mountain cabin in Tulare County. She had been beaten to death and had disappeared while hitchhiking in Ridgecrest on December 20. Her murder was never solved. Six days after Terri Beene’s body was found, Joseph DeAngelo murdered Debra Manning and Robert Offerman in Goleta. DeAngelo had been a police officer in Exeter in Tulare County and had family living there in 1979. Was Joseph DeAngelo in Tulare County for Christmas between December 20 and December 24 before heading to Goleta to commit the Original Night Stalker murder on December 30? Did Joseph DeAngelo murder Terri Beene?
December 24 1979 Terri Beene Murder Kennedy Meadows Tulare County, CA

December 30 1979 Robert Offerman & Debra Manning Original Night Stalker Murder Goleta, CA *Joseph DeAngelo Convicted*

Ramsey Rapist

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Did Richard Cottingham murder Elizabeth Wheeler in Midland Park, NJ in 1977?

In July 1968, Jaclyn Harp was murdered by Richard Cottingham in Midland Park, NJ. Almost a decade later, in January 1977, 76 year old Elizabeth Wheeler was found murdered inside her Midland Park home a few blocks from where Jackie Harp had been discovered in 1968. Elizabeth Wheeler was bludgeoned to death and suffered a fractured skull as well as multiple cracked ribs. A ski mask was found left behind by the killer on the kitchen counter of her home.
When Richard Cottingham murdered Deedeh Goodarzi and Jane Doe in a Manhattan hotel room in 1979, he used a fake address of 634 Anderson Place Merlin, NJ. There is no Merlin, New Jersey but police noted at the time that Wyckoff was the only town in Bergen or Passaic County that had a street called Merlin Place. Richard Cottingham, a resident of Lodi in Bergen County, was arrested in May 1980 and implicated in the murder of Deedeh Goodarzi and Jane Doe. Despite the fact that Merlin Place in Wyckoff borders Midland Park and was only a few blocks from Jackie Harp’s home, it took the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office 50 years to link Richard Cottingham to the murder of Jackie Harp. And even though Elizabeth Wheeler was murdered less than half a mile up the road from Jackie Harp, the linkage blind cops of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office still haven’t figured out that Richard Cottingham killed Elizabeth Wheeler too. Soon after Elizabeth Wheeler’s murder a ski-masked serial rapist started terrorizing Bergen County….
Three months after the murder of Elizabeth Wheeler, a man in a ski mask began attacking babysitters in Bergen County. He was known as the Ramsey Rapist, or the Babysitter Rapist and attacked in Ramsey, Upper Saddle River and Allendale. Ramsey borders the town of Wyckoff. He was also linked to attacks in Tarrytown, NY. The police tried to frame in innocent man for the Ramsey Babysitter Rapes but he was cleared and the series of crimes remains unsolved by law enforcement over 40 years later. Richard Cottingham recently admitted to murdering Lorraine Kelly & Mary Ann Pryor in 1974 and dumping their remains in Montvale near where the Ramsey Rapist attacked. Richard Cottingham grew up in River Vale, NJ.

January 6 1977 Elizabeth Wheeler Murder Midland Park, NJ

Elizabeth Wheeler was murdered in Midland Park near where Jaclyn Harp was killed by Richard Cottingham in 1968
Ramsey Rapist/Babysitter Rapist
March 26 1977 Ramsey Rapist Upper Saddle River, NJ

The first known Ramsey Rapist attack was in Upper Saddle River where Richard Cottingham’s uncle lived and approximately one mile west of the site of the Lorraine Kelly & Mary Ann Pryor murder
July 23 1977 Ramsey Rapist Ramsey, NJ

September 30 1977 Ramsey Rapist/Babysitter Rapist Ramsey, NJ

October 8 1977 Tarrytown Babysitter Rapist Tarrytown, NY

October 10 1977 “Not the” Ramsey Rapist Allendale/Saddle River, NJ

October 29 1977 Ramsey Rapist James Comey’s House Allendale, NJ

November 2 1977 Bruce Ader Not the Ramsey Rapist False Arrest Allendale, NJ

December 15 1977 Mary Ann Carr Murder Hasbrouck Heights, NJ *Richard Cottingham Convicted*

November 1978 Ramsey Rapist Rapist Upper Saddle River, NJ

February 9 1979 Ramsey Rapist Ramsey, NJ

March 11 1980 Richard Cottingham Merlin Place, Wyckoff, NJ
Merlin Place was located near the sites of the Jaclyn Harp and Elizabeth Wheeler murder. Police took 50 years to link the 1968 murder of Jaclyn Harp to Richard Cottingham, and only because he confessed. They never linked the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Wheeler to Jaclyn Harp or Richard Cottingham

The idea that serial killers don’t change “modus operandi” is a myth propagated by law enforcement based on pseudoscience. Serial killers are not confined to presumed theoretical behavioral restrictions or set escalation patterns when they commit crimes. One night a serial killer can kidnap a young girl off the street, strangle her to death and dump her body by a creek. The next night he might break into a house and bludgeon an elderly widow. Maybe he spends most nights prowling around windows in a ski mask looking for teenage babysitters to rape. Or he might decide to hire two sex workers, decapitate them in a hotel room in the middle of New York City and then set the room on fire. The purpose of Murder Inc. is to expose the linkage blindness and dereliction of law enforcement investigating unsolved murders and in the process solve the crimes and unsolved murders that law enforcement is unable to solve due to their close minded linkage blindness.



Manorville serial killer John Bittrolff built the garage of the Oak Beach home where Shannan Gilbert begged for help just before she disappeared!

At 2:30 am on July 18 1992, 23 year old Ivonne Rivera left a bar in Babylon, NY to head to her home in West Babylon. She was found murdered three hours later in a field outside Babylon Elementary School. Her body was nude and the Suffolk County Police Department said her death was caused by “neck compressions and blunt force injuries”. That same summer, Manorville serial killer John Bittrolff was building the garage at the home of Gus Coletti in Oak Beach (Babylon). Decades later John Bittrolff would be convicted of murdering Rita Tangredi and Colleen McNamee in 1993 and 1994. Ivonne Rivera’s murder was never solved by the Suffolk County Police Department. Was she murdered by John Bittrolff in Babylon late that July night in 1992?
In the early morning hours of May 1 2010, Shannan Gilbert disappeared in Oak Beach while on the phone with 911 screaming “they are trying to kill me!”. Just before she vanished, she knocked on Gus Coletti’s door. Shannan Gilbert was later found strangled in a marsh in Oak Beach. The Suffolk County Police Department denied Shannan Gilbert was murdered and refuses to release her 911 call to the public or her family, despite her family’s continued pleas. What are the chances that Long Island serial killer John Bittrolff just happened to build the garage of the home where Shannan Gilbert fled to for help just before she disappeared?

July 18 1992 Ivonne Rivera Murder Babylon, NY

August 1992 John Bittrolff Builds Gus Coletti’s Garage Oak Beach, NY

May 1 2010 Shannan Gilbert Disappears After Begging Gus Coletti for Help Oak Beach, NY

December 13 2011 Shannan Gilbert Murder Body Found Oak Beach, NY

Shannan Gilbert’s body was found only 1,500 feet from where she disappeared on the phone with 911 pleading for help that she was about to be murdered, but the derelict Suffolk County Police Department took a year and a half to find her!


Riverhead Jane Doe

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Was Riverhead Jane Doe murdered by John Bittrolff?

On March 12 1990, the body of a young woman was discovered in the woods off Osborn Avenue in Riverhead, NY by a Riverhead Town highway worker. The Suffolk County Police Department described her as an Asian woman, between the ages of 25 and 40, 5’3 and 110 pounds. She was estimated to have been murdered two to three days before her body was found. The victim was wearing a long sleeve black and brown silk blouse, a black leather miniskirt and black pantyhose. She was barefoot. The woman’s face was badly beaten and she was killed by trauma to the head. Riverhead Jane Doe was found murdered approximately 5 miles from the Long Island Serial Killer’s Manorville dumpsite where at least five other LISK victims have been discovered. In July 2014, Manorville resident John Bittrolff was arrested for the 1993 murder of Rita Tangredi-Beinlich and the 1994 murder of Colleen McNamee. Bittrolff was convicted in 2017. Like Riverhead Jane Doe, McNamee and Tangredi were badly beaten in the head and at least one of each of their shoes were missing. Riverhead Jane Doe is not in NAMUS.

March 12 1990 Riverhead Jane Doe Murder Riverhead, NY

Riverhead Jane Doe was found approximately 5 miles northeast of LISK’s Manorville dump site

November 2 1993 Rita Tangredi-Beinlich Murder East Patchogue, NY *John Bittrolff Convicted*

Rita Tangredi’s daughter Amanda claims to have been friends with LISK victim Melissa Barthelemy
amanda beinlich.JPG

November 20 1993 Sandra Costilla Murder North Sea, NY
Image result for sandra castillo

Sandra Costillo was found murdered approximately 15 miles east of Riverhead Jane Doe

January 30 1994 Colleen McNamee Murder Shirley, NY *John Bittrolff Convicted*

2/2/94 body -
2/4/93 -
5/24/94 LISK bittrolff -
bittrolff -
Colleen was last seen getting into a blue car at the Blue Dawn Diner in Islandia

Colleen McNamee was found murdered in the same area as LISK victim Manorville John Doe 2000

Shotgun Slayer

Murder Inc. Exclusive: Were two special policemen murdered by the Zodiac in San Francisco in 1966?

Shortly after 9:30 pm on July 31, 1966, two special policemen for the Parkmerced residential complex in San Francisco responded to a call of a prowler in the parking garage. After arriving in two separate patrol cars, Carl Fields and Jacob Remsing were both shot to death by the prowler with a shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot. A 16 year old witness spotted a 1965 green Ford Mustang leaving the scene of the slaying. The Mustang had been stolen from John Shields of 21 Diaz Avenue sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 pm about two blocks from the murder. The car was later found abandoned one block from the site of the 1963 unsolved murder of cab driver Samuel Bergman, another possible early Zodiac murder first featured on Murder Inc.
Deck logs from the USS Canberra (docked in San Diego) on July 26, 1966 list Joseph DeAngelo as AWOL since July 22. On July 24, 17 year old Janice Sorem was strangled to death in her car in a Granada Hills parking lot. One week later on July 31, Fields and Remsing were murdered in San Francisco. The San Francisco Police Department at first claimed the killer was an auto stripper or a car booster, but later theorized the murder may have been an assassination because it would be unusual for a prowler to be armed with a shotgun. Where was Joseph DeAngelo on July 31, 1966, the night of the murder in Parkmerced? Was the killing of Remsing and Fields an early murder of an AWOL (or recently AWOL) sailor who would later go on to become The Zodiac?

June 8 1966 Joseph DeAngelo USS Canberra San Diego, CA

June 16 1966 Auburn Burglar Auburn, CA

June 24 1966 Sacramento Intruder Sacramento, CA
june 24 66.JPG
July 1 1966 Masked Rapist Sacramento, CA
July 1 1966 Auburn Rapist Auburn, CA

Joseph DeAngelo lived in Auburn on his family’s ranch in 1966

July 6 1966 Roseville Cat Burglar Roseville, CA

July 14 1966 Sacramento Prowler Attack Sacramento, CA

July 17 1964 Night Intruder Rapist Sacramento, CA
july 17 66 Sac Rapist.JPG
July 22 1966 Joseph DeAngelo AWOL USS Canberra San Diego, CA

July 24 1966 Janice Sorem Murder Granada Hills, CA
sorem -

Janice Sorem was murdered 5 miles from Joseph DeAngelo’s childhood home

July 31 1966 Jacob Remsing & Carl Fields Murder San Francisco, CA

In the 1960s Parkmerced apartments were a residential community owned by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

The stolen 1965 green Ford Mustang used in the murder was found abandoned one block from the site of the unsolved murder of cabbie Samuel Bergman in 1963

April 20 1970 Zodiac Letter “There is more glory in killing a cop than a cid” San Francisco, CA

October 7 1978 East Area Rapist Special Officer Badge Recovered Concord, CA